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Any Branch Banking (ABB) facility is provided to customers to operate their account from any of our networked branches. All adult individual customers and proprietary concerns having an Savings/ Current/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft accounts etc. are eligible for ABB Facility.

Note : The branch where customer has account is the base branch and the branch from where it carries out transactions is referred as the remote branches. Any Branch Banking facility is available in all branches of Adarsh Co-operative Bank Ltd. (“ACBL”).


Cash Withdrawal : You could withdraw cash from your account from any of our branches by presenting a self-drawn cheque as and when required. The maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn across the Bank on a particular day is ? 100000/- for deposit accounts. Also this facility is not extended for withdrawals by any third party.

Cash Deposit : You or your representative can deposit cash in your Account from any of our Branch. This facility is available for Savings, Current, Cash Credit, Overdraft, Recurring Deposit (Instalment) and payment of Loan Instalment.

Fund Transfers : You could transfer funds between your accounts or between your account and any third party account maintained at different branches of bank.

Demand Drafts / Pay Orders : You could purchase DD / PO at any remote branch by debiting your account maintained at the base branch.

Deposit of Local Cheques : You can deposit local cheques at remote branches for crediting the proceeds after realization to your account maintained at base branches.

Stop Payment facility at Remote Branches : You can give instructions to Stop Payment of cheques issued by you at any of our branches by simply giving a written request. You can also revoke the stop payment instruction issued by you earlier.

Repayment to Loan accounts : Now you can make repayments to your loans such as Home Loan, Vehicle Loan, etc. held with your branch through any of the Corp Bank Branches by Cash / Local cheque.

Balance Enquiry / Statement Printing : You can enquire about the Balance and request for Statement of your Account from any Branch.

Limits on Transactions

Nature of Transaction Type of account Daily Limit
Cash Withdrawal All type of Deposit accounts Rs. 1,00,000/-
All type of Current accounts Rs. 5,00,000/-
Cash Deposit All type of Deposit accounts Test
Test 2
All type Current accounts By Account Holder or Other
Minimum Rs. 60/- or Rs. 2.25/- per thousand
Fund Transfer Any type of accounts No limit (subject to availability of funds in the account)
Multi City Cheque facility Savings and Current accounts Rs. 1/- per cheque
Account Statement (Other branch account) All accounts Rs. 25/- per page
Standing Instruction No charges
Loan Instalment All Loan accounts No charges

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